Agbara is a word from the yorubá language, meaning potency, and it’s the very first  Fund to support black women in Brazil – The most affected group by the economic crisis created by the pandemic.
Founded in September 202, It’s a social impact  NGO whose mission is to fight for human dignity, racial and gender equality by fostering access to economic rights to all black women in Brazil.

Promoting social and emotional emancipation, income generation and productive inclusion for community development.

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Angela Y. Davis


Our mission is to fight for human dignity, racial and gender equality, by promoting access to economic rights for black women across Brazil.


Our vision is to establish the Agbara Fund as an important and innovative philanthropic entity to support black women in Brazilian territory.


Our values are anti-racism, transparency, solidarity, passion, diversity and citizen conscience.

56% of brazilian population is black.

47% of brazilian entrepreneurs are black women.

67% of unemployed people are black.

44% of black women earn lower wages than of white men.

Social funds emerge as a response to the lack of public policies directed to strengthen the community and autonomy of black women.

The Agbara Fund acts as an racial equality fund and acts in two fronts:
Agbara Fund’s programs are aimed to promote the recovery of black women initiatives that were impacted by the COVID19 pandemic,through the creation of individual and collective income generation initiatives which are led by black women over 18.

The 2-month program includes two individual mentorship sessions for each participant, around 3 distinct abilities: Economic, intellectual and emotional autonomy.

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We believe that even with 300 years of negligence and marginalization, the qualification and insertion of black people in the workforce will only take place if we implement strategies that engage all stakeholders in valuing diversity through recurrent investing in employees, clients, suppliers, strategic partners and society as a whole.
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Why donate to
an anti-racist cause?

To be a donor is to make a real and effective commitment to the anti-racist fight!

If you believe in racial and gender equality and wish to collaborate with society transformation, donating is how you contribute with this transformation

Agbara Fund’s results - Sep/2020 to Aug/2021

Women helped with up to R$ 5000 in donations
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Agbara Fund is aligned with the following UN’s sustainable development goals